Kitten and iPhone Stolen from Santa Cruz SPCA

An 8-week-old kitten and an Apple iPhone were stolen from the Santa Cruz SPCA earlier today, officials said.

The organization suspects that a man and woman in their early to mid-30s stole Mousey, a fluffy, medium-haired, gray and brown tabby, according to the Santa Cruz SPCA.

The couple entered the cat room, began filling out an adoption application, and then left abruptly after staff members told them the kitten could not be adopted yet because she needed to be seen by the veterinarian and spayed.

Staff members suspect that the woman stuffed the 1 1/2-pound kitten in a large gold metallic purse she was carrying to smuggle Mousey out.

The SPCA is concerned that the kitten will not receive the veterinary care she needs. Mousey was scheduled for her first check-up tomorrow to receive feline leukemia and AIDS testing, officials said.

An Apple iPhone 4 belonging to the organization's executive director, Lisa Carter, was also stolen. The iPhone was in a pink case with Carter's name, address and phone number.

"The phone can be replaced, but the kitten can't," Carter said in a news release. "This really highlights how desperately we need a more secure

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