iPad 2 Revolutionizes Tablet Market

Apple Inc. launched the newest addition to its tech market – the iPad 2. The company, which started revolutionizing the tablet market with the launch of its iPad last April 2010, will have the launching and unveiling of iPad 2 in an event in San Francisco, California. 

Analyst Peter Misek also I anticipating these following events during the launch of iPad 2:

1. A preview of the iOS 5 is considered to be possible as the company is looking forward in continuing to push the integration across multiple devices for content, commerce and user experience.

2. A chance that Apple will also unveil new cloud-based services, which includes the revamping of Mobile Me so that it can also take in remote media storage, integration with iTunes and other features.

3. A chance that iTunes video/audio subscriptions will show themselves. However, Misek believes that this will be a difficult turn because there is the presence of content providers.

Since, Apple’s original iPad has sold 14.8 million tablets in its release; the company is expecting to sell 30 million iPad 2 units upon its release, between April 2011 and March 2012.

According to Scott Sutherland, the Wedbush Securities analyst, “The timing of the March 2 event would put the iPad on an annual cycle of updates similar to those of the iPhone and iPod media player, and keep Apple ahead of the competitors in this industry.”

Source : iphoneipadreview

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