iPad applications-You Just Think Beyond These

What makes iPad stand apart in the race of electronic field? Its shape? Size? Or cost? No, it is a sheer ‘Apple Technology.!’ Or the ‘way Apple thinks!’ This attribute of Apple is whirling the world of electronic technology, compelling followers to expect more! The Apple enthusiasts love to connect themselves by owning iPad.! iPad application development has become an unstoppable field.

We thought of updating few features of iPad here, iPad store is brimming up more than 2000 Applications. So, few applications have been introduced here.

E-Books – iPad’s application E-Books is simply the best, having 60,000 books in its belly. And application is free where as e-books are not! This feature can make anybody a voracious reader. You ought to read and updated playfully. The built-in search and dictionary is very user friendly. The font size and brightness could be adjusted accordingly. Pages are bookmarked or highlighted. You can read books vertically as well as horizontally.

Kindle for iPad – Kindle application of iPad matches the iBook application thoroughly. Full-color touch screen app, animated page-turning, adjustable font size and brightness that allows you to change the background color, portrait or landscape mode, and the ability to buy books right from the applications.

Tap Tap Radiation – The game is on line of iPhone only. Few major changes are made to glorify the game play in iPad. This play involves gamers to tap the beats these glowing blobs as they dance across the iPad’s entire screen. Another fabulous feature is many people can play simultaneously on it. You will carry music along with you to enjoy. Aren’t these iPad applications making our life smoother?

Netflix – Netflix: This feature of iPad allows you to watch movies as many as you like. This application allows you to have the access 20,000 + movies and famous T.V. shows. Movies could be browsed and managed your queue from the application. You can start watching movies from where you had left off, promptly!

Loopt Pulse – This feature helps you to see where you are and everything that’s going on around you. You can be highly independent and confident as well. On the left side of the screen you will see a list of places, and on the right, you see each of those places on a map and detailed information about them. A new feature has been introduced to browse local places by pictures.

TweetDeck for iPad – With this feature you can group Twitter and Facebook separately, swipe across to know what’s happening. New feature is a map showing all the geo- tagged Tweets from the people you follow. Isn’t this feature gorgeous?

Captain’s Log – Captain’s Log: In a way it pampers you making you feel like a captain of Starship. You can add your own notes, or use it to post updates to both Twitter and Facebook. Highly futuristic feature has mesmerized the whole world.

SGN’s EXO-Planet – EXO-Planet is trying to give thrilling experience of the shooter game, by allowing the player access to eight camera angles with a single spin of the finger. The eight-camera-perspective creates a very seamless viewing experience; it thrills you by making leap and zooms across the zero-gravity futuristic space, outfitted in “Juggernaut EXO-suits”. It is rally an unforgettable experience when you come across.

Pandora Radio – Rather than having to switch views to see things such as your stations, they can reside on the left hand side of the screen as your album artwork and artist information is on the right hand side. Artist information is a particular area of emphasis with this new application. User friendly access search box makes this feature a hit.

Epicurious Recipes and Shopping Lists – How come iPad lag behind to cater to its customers in recipe? So this application has been dedicated to them. Tabbed digital cookbook makes you access 27,000 recipes from both Gourmet and Bon Appetite. Recipe collections could be browsed search via keyword, and filter your searches seeing what’s in your fridge, seasonal foods, holidays and more. Any home maker will be happy with this! This feature of iPad application development takes the foodies by storm!

Ingredients could be added from your saved recipes to shopping lists and check off items as you buy them. The iPad may breathe new life into cooking and recipe applications. Reading recipes on the iPhone while cooking can be tougher job; so the iPad’s large screen simulates a digital cookbook! It’s a Perfect blend of creativity, technology along with user friendliness.

NYT’s Editor’s Choice – This application offers news, opinion and feature articles of NYT Editors, which could be downloaded easily covering almost all various fields of news.

The Wall Street Journal – It can be called as a version of free articles. The iPad application has the look of the paper.

Source : Fasttrends

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