Mobile application development is the ideal platform to bring advanced technology and systems on to the handheld devises. These applications when installed completely allow full access to the phone’s advanced features, such as multi-touch interface, , diallers, address book, calendar, and various other business applications. Mobile platforms are witnessing a revolution in applications which are developed on android, blackberry and various other compact devises. Since android applications are open source in nature most of the companies prefer to go for such platforms which are easy to deploy and simple to maintain in the long run.

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Open source platforms are witnessing a lot of developers switching from the traditional patented software application development. This is a considerable shift in the open source market which is going to be the future. These open source platforms can be easily customized to suit the customer requirements and are available at a fraction of the cost compared to the patented software applications. Another major advantage of android applications is that they support high quality flash and animations. High resolution videos can now be viewed and downloaded from the compact hand held devises more easily and swiftly. The modern day businesses require a lot of travelling executives and professionals who are forced to be constantly on the move but still have to attend online meeting and video conferencing very frequently.

Mobile application development has come as a boon to these professionals. By taking a look at the current trend in the market mobile applications development is witnessing many new software and utilities flooding the market every day. Before adopting any of these technologies the end user has to analyze his own requirements very carefully. Mobile applications development experts can guide and help them in choosing the right devise, ideal platform and suitable software and utilities which can be purchased off the shelf. In some cases these applications may need to be customized depending on the customer’s specific requirements. The programming languages normally used are based on object oriented architecture and quite flexible in nature. C, C++ and java constitute the core of application design and development.

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