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If you are seriously looking into mobile game development, Android is the future. Though there is huge buzz about iPhone and other Apple platforms at the moment, Android game development is expected to take over in the future, thanks to the rising popularity of the platform. With Google having taken over this platform, it is turning out to be epicenter of creativity and innovation. We have only seen the tip of the iceberg as far as Android games are concerned. In this short period of time Android developers have churned out games with amazing capabilities and mind-blowing features. It does not differentiate between a phone's core application and third-party applications placing it in a separate league.

Most gaming business firms are choosing Android over other platforms because of the fact that it comes with optimized graphics powered by a custom 2D graphics library and 3D graphic based on the open GLES 1.0 specification. The highly flexible and rich JAVA development environment also makes Android a very powerful platform to build on. Developing games on this platform is very easy as it supports many media formats including MPEG4, H.264, MP3, AAC, AMR, JPG, PNG and GIF among others. This is vital in developing gaming applications and other fun apps.

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Advantage of Android Game Development

Android being an open platform has greater market projections for the future. In such case, games and other fun applications are easier to develop and distribute among the audience.
Android Operating System is based on Linux , which is stable and reduces the chances of crashes and bugs that are common in other platforms.

The games developed in Android can be sold through multiple platforms. You can try out the Android app market or other third party selling agents.

There is a huge developer community when it comes to Android game development. This will help you in your endeavor in case you are short of ideas with your game development.
Very few platforms give the developers as much opportunity to exercise his or her creativity like Android does. Games developed on Android are thus more exciting and engaging.

Developing Android games however, isn't easy and tests the capabilities of a developer to the fullest. Thus, you need to be very choosy about the Android game developers you hire for the job. Don't make the mistake of hiring an amateur developer even if it saves a lot of money for you. Think about offshore development centers in countries like India. Here you can outsource your game development project and expect outstanding outputs. Hire the best developers among the lot for your custom development project by doing an extensive research on the business firms and developers who are likely to handle your project like at Perception System and get a free quote today!

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