Android App Developer Tips: Do's And Don'ts In Making Android Apps

• DO keep the user in mind when designing your app. Many an android app developer has made the mistake of developing an app based solely on what they think should work and not thinking how other people will actually use it in real life. And the funny thing is, it's not that hard to find out how the end user feels. You can conduct surveys for example, do some beta testing or get your app evaluated by an app review blog.

Android App Developer

• DO incorporate scalability and integration in your app. Extensibility should always be taken into consideration in your app's design, especially if you are making the first version. Sadly, this is often overlooked as many mobile apps today are developed under a brief time period in order to take advantage of a current need or trend. But without scalability, this could lead to a lot of re-configuring once a new version or functionality is released.

• DO be careful in making color choices. Android phones today are capable of displaying a wide spectrum of colors, but this does not mean you should choose any color for your app. Keep in mind that Android phones are design to be used almost anywhere, so your app's design should incorporate colors that work in environments with various lighting and displays.

• DON'T stick with just a single screen size. The Android platform can be found in different kinds of mobile devices, so by designing your app around a specific screen size will not properly scale in other screen sizes. So make sure to give some thought on how your app will look as it grows or shrinks on different Android devices.

• DON'T design around a specific form factor. An Android app developer that designs an app that's specific to a touchscreen device, for instance, will have a hard time integrating it to Android phones that use navigation controls instead of a touchscreen. Visualize how your app will work across different Android devices and make sure to leave room for other form factors.

• DON'T do too much. Forget about trying to make your app do everything. Instead, focus on specific uses and match that with an intuitive user interface. There are a lot of success stories in the Android app developer community of apps with a narrow focus. And they succeed because they are good at doing that one thing.

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