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In my last article I have mentioned features of the Android Application Development and its history. After that there is much change in the market and also from Google with releasing updates on the Android and also launching its tablet based OS Honeycomb. Slowly but steadily there is one more important field which is challenging Apple's kingdom is Android Game Development. With mobile handsets becoming favorite medium for personal entertainment, Android Games are more in demand due to good processing power and affordable android devices from various companies. To go deeper I ask few who are best at what they do about, What Development Market says about it?

Android Game Development

One of the people I met is Project Manager Mr. Krunal of mobile and web application company Morpheous, and looks after iPhone and Android projects and its delivery, including Android Game Development. When asked about the current market scenario, he said "initially we had fewer requirements for Android Application Development and Android Game Development, but during past 6 months the requirement is increasing as specially in games department. As we are one of the pioneer companies who provide android game development, we have been getting very good requirements about android game development".

I asked him about what he thinks on competition and development challenges, he said "So far Android Application Development is concerned we have not faced any trouble and we do not think there will be any application in the possible scope that we cannot develop. Though sometimes we do get requirements which are not possible due to device limitations and some limitations due to Android's own SDK, else Android Application Development is smooth ride for us and our clients." What about Android Game Development? He said, "We have to use OpenGL to develop games for android. We started in 2009 and it took some time initially to learn it and implement, as like all languages there is a learning curve, but now the development is smooth and we have not problem regarding to the development or delivery".

After asking few others, there is one thing that was common and which came frequently is that unlike Apple, Google does not check the apps or fails it, it totally depends on the developers to make sure they don't upload buggy app on the store. Companies like Morpheous does not have problem doing that stuff as having different testing department of Android Application Development and Android Game Development for them, but be cautioned as there also freelancers and companies in market who don't give much into testing. Market is so far positive and optimistic about Google's venture being successful after slow start and also waiting for more new releases of the Android OS, which really brought some competition to Apple's doors.

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