Search Retargeting – Perfect Online Marketing Strategy

Today, online shopping becomes very popular along with the development of internet marketing. Thousand of e-commerce is available in the internet offer our daily primary need. It allows us to be easier in shopping. With this web-based store, we don’t need to go to the department stores by driving car and fighting against traffic jam in town. E-commerce offer the easiest way in purchasing the needed stuffs just from our home. What the buyer must to do is to go online and then start to find the stuff that the buyer want to buy, it is very simple to buy, the buyer only have to click the “add to cart” button once the buyer find the stuff. The payment process is also very easy. The buyer is required to have approved internet payment method to complete the payment. When the payment process is done, the stuff that has been purchased will be directly sent to the home of the buyer. This process usually takes time based on the location and the distance between the ecommerce locations and the buyer’s home.

But for some reasons, in 2011, the percentage of shopping cart abandonment reached 75%. This situation requires the internet marketer find an alternative to attract the consumer’s interest. Search Retargeting is online marketing strategy that perceived as the best way to attract the consumer’s interest and to tell the consumers what they have missed. It is highly effective marketing tool as it anonymously remembers the search term of the previous searching done by the internet user and then displays the ads that related to the search term in the next searching. It means that search retargeting targets the right users that searching certain product or service offered by the advertisers.

Another term that related to this online marketing strategy is Site Retargeting. When the internet user visit the advertiser’s website, the browsing history is recorded, so that trough this strategy the advertiser will be able to give the most relevant banner ads to search term in the next visiting.

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