iPad 2 saves the day

As we all know, it is not a pleasant thing to visit the hospital, whether it be as a patient, or as a visitor. Typically, either way, you’re waiting in line for this, or that. During that time of waiting, one can ‘read’, ‘walk around’, or just simply ‘be bored’. Or…

I was in hospital for just over 24 hours, and had an inkling that I would be there much longer.  With that in mind, when the wife and I were leaving home, we made sure to pack the iPad 2, 3G 16GB, and a charger. Now, don’t get me wrong, I still had my iPhone 4 with me. But, you just never know when you’d need that extra screen space to navigate websites, watch movies, play games, etc. Keep reading for my personal experience with my iPad 2 at the hospital!

Despite the pain I was in, during the brief moments of not being in pain, and the fact that I just simply couldn’t sleep (I prefer my own bed), I’d browse the web, forums and catch up on my RSS feeds (I have a Google Reader account, with about 20 feeds). Reading feeds is rather easy when using an app. I typically use the Pulse app, mainly because it is full of photos. I guess I’m a visual person, and I’d be quicker to read a particular story based on the image being used, versus the text.  Yes, I know, a sad state of affairs, but, at least I can admit it.

Now, don’t get me wrong, there are plenty of choices of apps for RSS readers, example: Mobile RSS, or Feeddler RSS Reader, etc. Some are free, and some require some form of payment.

Back on April 11th 2011, I wrote an article, “Do you use your iPad enough”. Well, I’m here to change my story. Clearly my iPad saved me from boredom, and more importantly, it distracted me from the pain I was enduring from my surgery. For that alone, I’m going to make an ultimate effort to use it more and more. Another thing I should mention – back on 15th April 2011, I wrote an article “No Flash on iPad”. Again, during my time in hospital, I noticed, and I guessed I learned too, that more and more websites are making a way to work flawlessly with the Apple, and Apple products, like the iPad.

How has your iPad ‘saved’ you?

Source: Nakedipad

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