Mobile Application Development: Extending The Features And Usability Of Mobile Phones

The mobile application development industry in recent years has witnessed immense growth and advancements. These growth and advancements have fueled rapid development in the mobile phone market. New and smarter devices are constantly being developed by leading mobile phone manufacturers such as Apple, BlackBerry, Nokia, Samsung, etc. These devices come with greater memory and more powerful processors. The features and functionalities of these mobile phones are many and can be further expanded by installing various mobile applications to these devices. A range of mobile applications including web and business applications, games and entertainment applications, music and video applications and a host of other utility applications are being developed for these phones on a global scale.

Mobile Application Development

The individual consumers and business enterprises demand for such applications is growing incessantly. And most of the leading players in the mobile phone market allow third party application development for their mobile devices. And this is exactly why there has been a growth in mobile application development outsourcing. There are a plethora of companies in developing countries such as India and other Asian nations which have been serving international clients with utmost satisfaction. The services offered by these companies are drastically cheaper. Moreover, these companies are extremely reliable when it comes to quality and client support. They offer a host of services including custom mobile application development, mobile commerce application development, mobile game application development, business application development, social media application development, mobile sites and web application development, etc., for a range of mobile phones such as iPhone, Google Android, J2ME, BlackBerry, Symbian OS, Windows Mobile etc.

Various languages and tools are used in mobile application programming. Most manufacturers also offer an SDK for application development. Moreover, the languages and tools to be used also depend on the platform, type of application, complexity of the applications etc. For example, the tools used in BlackBerry application development may differ from those used in iPhone application development. Nevertheless, your offshore mobile applications development company takes care of the all the processes of development right from concept creation to coding, testing and promotion of the solution.

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