Iphone App Developer Focuses On User Behavior And Expectations

As the world now knows that Apple is witnessing an end of royal era in the form of the resignation of Steve Jobs, the challenge of iPhone app developers has increased many folds. iPhone application development requires many things to be taken into consideration including the user behavior, user experience their expectations and surroundings in which they often access iPhone applications. Talking about the expectations and surroundings, people often use iPhones when they are on the move. And, therefore, surroundings in which they are operating are full of noise and various types of other distractions. That is why it is important as an iPhone app developer you know your job quite well and that job is to create a responsive, compelling experience that makes the people hooked to the applications and gets them to the content they care about quickly and easily. Generally, the largest, to be precise 80% of the users do not use all the features of iPhone applications, it is only 20% that use all the features in an iPhone application. Therefore, the precondition to hire skilled iPhone developers is to check whether the developers actually know the rules of users behavior, circumstances and the surroundings.

Iphone App Developer

Having discussed this, sometimes it is more difficult to redesign a desktop application for the iPhone application as the desktop experience and the mobile experiences are altogether different and need different treatment in case of creating applications that can satisfy the users. To take an example of Mail application of iPhone. This applications is based on the main functionality of the desktop which is to send, receive and organize the messages. Hence, when iPhone developers are set to create this application for the iPhones, it needs to have compact functionality in user interface which is exclusively made for the mobile users. Some of the functionality should include:

1)A comprehensive appearance that puts people’s content front and center

2)Various views designed and programmed to ensure different tasks

3)An intuitive information structure that scales effortlessly

4)Powerful editing and organizing tools that are available when they are needed

5)Expressive and typical animation that is communicative of actions and provides feedback

Having explored what can be the ideal features of an application may be, it is important to understand that Mail is basically a desktop application and that it is redesigned for mobile users.

When iPhone app developers are focusing on part of the desktop features and presenting them in an snazzy user interface, Mail on iPhone surely gives the users the feel of the desktop application inspite of the fact they are on the move. This then, gives the developers and programmers to come up with several innovative and creative ways so that desktop experience can be converted into mobile one. This mail application is comprised of distinct and highly focused screens with each screen displaying a title regarding the location of the people. It also describes account list, mailbox list, message list, message view, and composition view. Within a screen, people scroll to see the entire contents.


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