How To Avoid Violating Apple's Guidelines As An iPhone Developer

You've spent the last three months on deciding what kind of application to go with, you've chosen your design, and you've even started on coding. You're about halfway done, when you read a piece of news on how hundreds of iPhone developers get their apps rejected every year. Now, you're starting to worry about your own project. Will it be approved? How can you avoid having your hardwork go to waste?
iPhone Developer

As someone who has dwelled in iPhone application development for some time, my advice would be to not take risks, and just hire a good professional iPhone developer. A team like Jinibot Mobile Developers would do a great job at a reasonable price. However, if you would like to try your luck anyway, here are some thoughts on the subject.

Match your icons – This is not to be taken lightly. In fact, even the iTunes Store now has to change its icons to match the 57x57 ones on the iPhone. Eventhough there is no mention of this in the Human Interface Guidelines (HIG), the unfortunate fact is that since you're using Apple, you have to follow their way.

Original buttons – In some cases, Apple will allow use of its own image for functions that are similar, however this is a very complicated issue. The best thing to do is just to custom make your own buttons for your app.

API violation – Apple does not allow programs to use Private APIs, so if you are using them at all, make sure to read the developer guidelines well before implementing them. On the other hand, better your eyes may miss an important detail, but Apple's code scanner won't, so stick to general API's.

Pop the popovers – iPhone development guidelines state that only one popover can be shown at any one time, so avoid opening popovers within popovers.

Humorous failures– You or I might find it amusing to use visuals like a cracked screen or an error message in our apps, but Apple won't be thus humored. Anything that makes iPhones look like they are failing will get your app rejected.

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