Android Game Development with Android 2.3 OS

There is one field that is steadily changing the empire of Apple is the Android Game development. As we know smartphones and other Android based mobile phones are the favorite medium of entertainment for many people.Android game development is supposed to be successful with the help of good processing power and affordable Android devices.

Android 2.3 OS version has many advanced modifications in terms of game enhancements. Android game developers are focusing on games for the Android devices acquires the technological suite which enables the Android mobile application development.

Following are the refinements in the Android Game Development:

Android Game Development

1. Concurrent garbage collector cause polished performance of games with fine animation and augmented responsiveness.

2. Keyboards events and Touch are processed as faster speed in Android 2.3 it uses less CPU resources.

3. Gamers can be bestowed with speedy graphics performance. It is because of the integration of 3rd party video drivers.

Android 2.3 OS includes the API to support the various sensor types like gyroscope, rotation vector, linear acceleration, gravity and barometers. Android Game Developers can work with the product suit capabilities to generate games that depicts complex user emotions and movements. For this, the developers should thank the new sensor types that can work with other sensor types of tracking motion and orientation.

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