Grouptime IPhone App Offers Instant Group Messaging, Sharing And Status Updates

Grouptime GmbH today launched its unique social messenger for mobile devices. The free messaging app allows users to text, group chat and privately share with the people and groups in their life at absolutely no charge. grouptime is the only messenger that works with posts like a social network and enables users to easily exchange messages and instantly share with groups with one click. The free app lets users send unlimited text, photo, audio and location messages, and post status updates and receive comments in real-time. grouptime is the new app to communicate, share and get together with family, friends and colleagues.

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The idea for grouptime is based on the limited capabilities of SMS/MMS and other mobile messaging solutions as well as the increasing privacy concerns with social networks. “For many users – especially for teens and young adults – texting is the most important feature of a mobile phone. However, until now it wasn’t possible to post status updates, perform group chats and share multimedia content with contacts or groups of your choice instantly via your mobile device”, said Tobias Stepan, managing director of grouptime GmbH. “Our free app offers users the combined benefits of texting, group chat and social networking with the people from their mobile address book at absolutely no charge.” Unlike other messengers, grouptime operates with posts like a social network and while the app has a simplified user-interface to make messaging as easy and fast as possible, the messenger has extensive privacy features to ensure that it is a private place to communicate and content is shared exclusively with the people intended.

Like SMS, grouptime sends push-notifications to immediately inform users of new personal or group messages. However, contrary to SMS, the free app utilizes the data connection of a smartphone and thus eliminates all texting related costs. For teenagers and young adults, who often send more than 50 text messages a day, this means huge savings. Besides, the free messaging service integrates directly into the mobile phone’s address book, saving users the time they normally require to manually connect with people and find friends with traditional messengers or social networks. Users only need to download the free app for their smartphone and are set to go. The grouptime messenger is now available as a free download for iPhone/iPod/iPad in Apple’s iTunes app store. An Android app will be launched soon.

Source: dailymarkets

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