Android Platform - Great for Developers and Users

Android is the world's top-selling operating system and the favorite mobile platform of today. Android, Inc. was founded in October 2003. Google purchased Android Inc. in 2005. Google and members of the Open Handset Alliance came together to develop and release and it has been a great success. Google marketed the platform to provide an open and upgradable Android e system. The online app store for Google is called Android Market. The Android Market has passed up competitors like BlackBerry, yet Android developers are still upset about the way Google works. Google did take about two years to reach the 100,000 mark as selling mobile applications had not been as profitable for the Android developer as it is today. Although, it only takes Android developers ten minutes to get their mobile app approved and featured on the Android Market.
Android Developer

Google makes it easier for developers to market their apps by having Android Market pre-installed on most Android devices and allows people to choose from apps published by many different developers. Android offers a group of many different developers writing applications with over 200,000 apps available. Android has had many updates since its first release. Every version of the platforms operating system has a nickname based on a dessert item. Unlike Apple's marketplace, Google allows an open market for app stores to operate on Android. One super successful app Google launched is Voice Actions, which allows users to write messages and make calls by voice. It has continued to grow bigger and better over the years. Everyone has announced an Android app or Android device this year, and Android's sales have passed up sales of the iPhone platform. Android has the advantage of having several different carriers that offer the operating system and all Android phones or tablets are touch screen.

The customization is a definite plus because no other platform offers the ability to personalize desktop screens and icons. You can access the menu in different ways on different phones and you can click on the organized icons to get to the Android Market. The system look varies depending on the phone but the software itself has become better looking over time. Android's openness means that almost anyone can create an application on it. You will find a wide selection of apps available on the Android Market. Not all applications run on all versions of Android and there are many different versions of the software offered. Android has the benefit of being available on a variety of handsets, and offers customization its rivals can't touch. The Android Market isn't the only place to get apps. One of the biggest differences between Android and other platforms is the open style platform. There is now a new Amazon marketplace for apps that has astonished customers and developers alike. Even though there is worry that these parallel markets could lead to consumer confusion people love that Google has gone the open route with Android.

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