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Looking continual view of the changing market for application development, Google’s Android operating system is the hope for the world, the stable operation of applications in a variety of mobile and smartphone platforms. There are many mobile platforms that have a positive impact on business growth. Now the Android app development platform is offering best market of apps building for individual level to the enterprise level.
Android supports Java programming language and it has SDK, selections and resources which gradually help to make third party applications. Android application development process needs less financial investment, but assures a good income.
Best features and functionality that support Android application developer:

Android Apps DevelopmentJava support
Media formats support
2D graphics library
Exchange support
OpenGL ES 2.0 3D graphics library
SQlite data storage
WebKit layout engine for web browser
Multitasking app
Global Address Lists look-up
New media framework
Portable Wi-Fi hotspot
EDGE and advanced Bluetooth
Android apps developer can creates amazing applications for every level using Java platform and that makes android developer’s work more easily and fast.
 Many companies are choosing Android as an application platform for their large application building project. They know that it is cost-effective, easy available and provide well ROI. Big companies are hiring Android app developer for their project from the expert companies like Perception System. Android developers at PS are experienced and have enough skills to accomplish the application development work with quality and in time. PS provides hire Android application developers service to the customers demanding for dedicated quality work.
So, use the best platform for good returns on your investment through Android app developer.

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