Easy blackberry application development

Blackberry is one of the most popular smart devices you can carry with you all the time. A lot of people addicted to it since the device is easy to use and straight forward in its navigation. Majority of its user are businessman, sales person and even the president himself. It gives you capability to read your email and reply to it as easily as you are in front of your desktop or laptop.

Recently as it grows in popularity among consumer for its trendy and slick design, more features have been demanded from this device in a term make popular by the Apple Iphone , you guess it, an app. Currently there are so many apps for so many different things, such as there are apps to find directions made popular by Google map apps or even apps to find restaurant review.

To get started on your blackberry development, you can go to Blackberry developer zone, and download some of the application you need to get your started. Blackberry application development pretty much can be sum up in 3 ways
  1. The blackberry application development using Java.
  2. Blackberry application development using blackberry Widget SDK
  3. And blackberry application development specifically aiming at website using blackberry Web Plugin.
In general, if you want to develop blackberry applications that is aiming to use the hardware feature of the blackberry such as the getting the location of the user using the built-in GPS or messaging feature in the blackberry you should use the blackberry application development using Java or Widget SDK.

The only difference between both is one of them require the knowledge of Java development and the other one is more on the web technologies such as html, javascript and css. So if you are a web developer usually you want to use the blackberry widget SDK development. The other benefit is that using the blackberry widget SDK, it will significantly help you with rapid development of your applications.

There is also a forum that has a pretty active community where you can get answer and support you need when you start your blackberry application development. You can also find out some of the blackberry applications open source will be helpful to jumpstart your own development.

So there you have it all the information you will need to get you started on your blackberry application development.

Source : Hubpages

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