iPad 2 Tips & Tricks: Part 4

It’s time for the fourth part of the iPad 2 Tips & Tricks series. Today iPad.net looks at more tips and tricks for your new iPad 2.

20110426 tips iPad 2 Tips & Tricks: Part 4
  • Sniff out Phishy Links:
You can check the exact destination URL of any linked word by simply touching and holding on the link. This shows you the URL and also lets you choose whether you want to enter the link or not.
  • Choose your app for email attachments:
Downloading a file attached to an email is pretty easy and once you download, it opens in the default app. However, if you want to use a different app then tap and hold the attachment. This will result in a pop-up menu which will let you select a different app from the default one to open the attachment in.
  • Use your iPad 2 as a picture frame:
20110426 ipadframe iPad 2 Tips & Tricks: Part 4

No, unfortunately you cannot place a physical photograph inside the iPad 2 to display it but instead you can use it to display photos available in the photo.app. Do this by tapping on the picture icon which is present in the lower right corner of the lock screen.
  • Display traffic conditions:
Open up Maps on your iPad 2 and then press on the dog-eared page icon in the lower right side of the screen. Then turn on Traffic overlay. If your iPad 2 is connected to an internet connection then real-time traffic conditions will be displayed in the area you are at. The different colours show different conditions. The green means that traffic is going at the regular speed limit. Yellow means that traffic is going slower than the standard speed limit while read means that the traffic is stop-and-go.
  • Sharing podcasts:
You can easily share a podcast you are listening to with your friend by simply pressing on the email button while it’s open. The podcast will be sent to the email address you choose.
  • Remember your downloads:
20110426 itunes iPad 2 Tips & Tricks: Part 4

By opening iTunes on your computer, clicking on the Store menu and then selecting the Check for available downloads will allow you to see if your iTunes account has any outstanding incoming downloads. This trick can come useful in cases where your download process has been interrupted or when you may have missed some bonus content which came with some music album you have purchased.
Keep following iPad.net for more tips and tricks for your iPad 2.

Source : ipad.net

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